MacBook sleeve 13 inch from CoverBee

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Stylish MacBook 13 inch protection..

The MacBook Sleeve 13 inch from CoverBee, the most beautiful sleeve for your 13 inch MacBook Air or 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina! The sleeves have very good padding on the inside. This means your 13" MacBook will be well protected and both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro fit in perfectly. The size comes in all our fancy versions.
No doubt this model is the most popular sleeve we have. A 13 inch MacBook is probably the most handy MacBook-format. You can take it with you anywhere, but also the screen it big enough to work on. Unlike bigger macbooks, which are too heavy to carry with you or smaller macbooks which you can carry with you, but are just too small to work on. But why should you care about buying a sleeve and not just a MacBook bag? Well, the answer to this is simple: you already have a bag or you will find the perfect bag without MacBook compartment. This is where a MacBook Sleeve comes in. It will protect your MacBook inside your normal bag. In addition to this: a MacBook sleeve from CoverBee looks great and at home you can put your 13 inch MacBook away, while being protected at the same time. It actually gives your home also a nice decoration!
Not sure which 13 inch sleeve you want? Our advice: take the sleeve which best fit your living room. This way you will make sure you will express your style both at home as well as wherever you go! In fact: you take your home always with you!