Design a Laptop Sleeve and Win!

Note: the competition is closed since the 14th of February 2011. The winner is to be announced within a few weeks!

Did you always want to design your own laptop sleeve? Do you want all women to buy YOUR design in 2011? This is your opportunity!
Submit your design with the theme "I Love my Laptop" before Valentines Day 2011, and win a life-time of 5% (!!) for each sale of your sleeve!

How it works:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Submit your Design
  3. Win!

What do I get?

  • 5% of all (!!) revenue from the sales of your design*;
  • Two sleeves with your design for FREE;
  • The opportunity to have your own collection!

*For your entire life!

Laptop design competition

Theme: I Love my Laptop

We believed that we were not the only ones looking to express our style with our laptop accessories. This is your opportunity to design a print for our new collection of 15 inch neoprene laptop sleeves.
Use your creativity, draw, make photo's, cut, paste and make the most stylish print for our new neoprene laptop sleeve collection. It is going to be your design!

Outstandingly beautiful, exceptionally useful and fashionably forward: this is the "I Love my :aptop" contest. Submitting designs can therefore be done until Valentine's day (14th of February 2011).
Subscribe yourself via the form on the right side of this page. When done: e-mail us your design in high quality (EPS-format preferred): schrift


The prototype: example only!
  • Before you start designing: read about CoverBee and get inspired by our brand!
  • Feel free to download and use the CoverBee stamp, sticker or logo;
  • The dimensions are ± 39.5 cm * 32 cm (15,6 inches * 12,6 inches);
  • We have already created a prototype (see the image). Just an example!
  • Bonus: provide a name suggestion :-) It is a creative thing, like we named our "Pink Candy" and "Lazy Cow".

About CoverBee

The Holland brand CoverBee designs & manufactures a stylish and funky laptop sleeves for women and men that is both functional and fashion led. CoverBee was founded because we believed that we were not the only ones looking to express our style with our laptop accessories. The range now includes all kinds of great laptop sleeve, macbook sleeve, netbook sleeve, iPhone sleeve and iPad sleeve designs.

The poster

The poster

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All our images can be freely used in the media or for this contest.


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