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iPad 3 sleeveThe new iPad 3 Sleeve is out!

Here at CoverBee we always try to be at the forefront of what is happening in the gadget world. Of course, we also always check the latest releases of Apple. The iPad 3 (3rd generation) has been in the making for some time and it has again more feature rich than it's predecessors, but in size and style not much different. Hence, our iPad Sleeve is in fact an iPad 3 sleeve, and available in our store.

Let's quickly think about what the purpose is of getting a protective sleeve for your iPad 3. Primarily, we believe that it is no longer great to be a single function device. This is to say, a sleeve that only protects you iPad is no longer good enough. Hence, you need more functionality. Style and the famous "look and feel" of a products are very important features. Especially when it comes to Apple fans, who are known around the world for their emphasis on good-looking products.

Other features that we think are important when it comes to vovering your iPad on the move are: the way it protects you gadget. Does it protect against splashes? Does it protect against bumps and small impacts? Would you be confident placing your iPad 3 into your backpack? These and other questions need to be answered if you are about to get a sleeve for your iPad 3.

SOme other features that we find important are things like usability. Do you find it easy to place your cover around the iPad 3 and can you take it off again easily? Would you be able to attach a pen or a mobile phone to your iPad sleeve? Or are you one of those who would not want to carry too many pieces in one bag?

Well, whatever you prefer, we hope that you will enjoy the sleeves that we have in store for your iPad 3, as well as iPad 2, and the original iPad. Check out what you want and select the sleeve that suits your needs. If you have questions that you don't find answered on any of our pages, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Checkout all our iPad Sleeves now.

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