Tradition meets Fashion: The Lederhosen Laptop Sleeve!

Tradition meets Fashion: The Lederhosen Laptop Sleeve! Lederhosen dirndl model

Wednesday, September 14th 2011

The Bavarian Lederhosen is normally used for protecting a man’s best body parts... which means, that it is perfectly suited for protecting your laptop too! CoverBee made the connection of “old meets new” and has designed the world’s first Lederhosen laptop sleeve! The Lederhosen laptop sleeve is available now at for $199.99 with free world-wide shipping. More info and images can be found at CoverBee's laptop sleeve website.

Yes, protecting a man’s best body parts... but this is a laptop sleeve from Bayern, and it is the protection CoverBee was looking for. The sleeve consists of two parts. Part 1 is the Lederhosen; part 2 is the matching blocked shirt. The sleeve has cute little knots, real braces and is made of the finest real leather! The soft inside padding is fake sheep fur. And as if that wasn’t already good enough: the sleeve has real pockets to insert your laptop accessories and the trouser buttons can actually really be opened as a kind of “ventilation” for your... hmm, laptop. :)
The Lederhosen laptop sleeve is available in two styles: Heidi in a pink shirt (for girls) and Peter in a blue shirt (for boys).

Lederhosen laptop sleeve detail image

Where did the idea come from?

Lederhosen are workwear, worn for hard physical work on farms. Internationally, people tend to know them from the Oktoberfest in Munich (Bayern, Germany). This is the most famous traditional event in the world and it is also the world's largest fun-fair, with more than 5 million people attending every year. At the Oktoberfest men wear the traditional Lederhosen outfit. (Note: the Oktoberfest starts on the 17th September 2011)

CoverBee understood the idea of the protection it offers and now uses it for laptops. This combination is especially interesting, because the goal of the German state of Bavaria is on the one hand keeping their traditions and on the other hand becoming a “laptop society”. So what is better than having these two goals combined in the “traditional & new” Lederhosen laptop sleeve? Let’s take it to the Oktoberfest!

CoverBee - NOT made in China.

CoverBee's laptop sleeves are designed and handcrafted in Europe. CoverBee believes that people care about the origin of their products and is proud that their products are produced locally. The story behind our products is lovable, socially responsible and produced locally. CoverBee is a social fashion company.

About CoverBee

CoverBee is a company dedicated to designing & manufacturing stylish and funky sleeves that are both functional and fashion led. The CoverBee range includes next to laptop sleeves: MacBooks sleeve, Netbook sleeves, iPad sleeves and iPhone sleeves. The German-Dutch CoverBee team started in 2008 by two fashion/ entrepreneurship students, which also used to organize company trips to the Oktoberfest in Munich. More information is available at

Lederhosen two dirndl models

Bee like no other!

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