The Sleeves

Where is my sleeve made?

We are proud to be a 'Made in Holland' brand that stands for top quality. CoverBee Sleeves are carefully hand-crafted for you. At the same time we give jobs and opportunities to people who are not as fortunate as others in our society! Because everybody counts.

Can I wash my sleeve? - Take care of me or I'll sting! Little Bee

You can wash your BeeSleeve observing the instructions on the washing label. Always wash your BeeSleeve seperately and by handwash. Preferably wash inside out. Don't tumble dry and don't iron your lovely BeeSleeve!

Are CoverBee sleeves waterproof?

CoverBee sleeves are certainly water-resistant enough to protect your device from splashes or light rain. But they are not waterproof. We wouldn't recommend you take your sleeve scuba diving though!

Can you close the CoverBee sleeves?

Simplicity is beauty. A CoverBee Classic sleeve has no straps, velcro or clips. Our Classic sleeves are designed for quick & easy removal without those annoying zippers, clips, latches or straps (they have an opening on the side). The CoverBee Zipper collection has ofcourse a zipper on the side.