Cheap Laptop Sleeves from CoverBee

Laptop sleeves don’t have to cost a bomb... you can also get a cheap one

Cheap laptop sleevesMany people tell us that it is impossible to find good, but cheap, laptop sleeves. That’s why we thought it would be good to write an article to clarify this point.

It is true that “cheap” most of the time also means “poor quality”. This is particularly true of laptop sleeves that are not handmade and use inferior materials. You can rest assured that as CoverBee we only use the best materials on the market and that each single one of our sleeves is made by hand. It requires a lot of skill to produce them and much personal love flows into making each one. But does that mean we only have costly sleeves? NO. The good news is that we are able to produce sleeves at the highest market standard and still be able to offer them for a cheap price.

So here is what you should watch out for when you buy a cheap laptop sleeves:

  1. The material is key. If you notice that the material feels thin and that it looks like the colours will fade after 1 month, then it is best you don’t buy it. It will not be cheap, but worthless!
  2. How is the sleeve produced? Do you see that all sides and edges of the laptop sleeve look clean? Are the sides attached to each other so that they wont rip apart as soon as you put your laptop inside?

  3. Where does the product come from? Does it say whether it was produced in a cheap location, or can you identify any signs of misconduct? It is important to make sure you know where the sleeve comes from.
  4. What do other’s say about the sleeves? Does the brand or producer have a good reputation? Check websites and check forums to view comments about the sleeves. If others had good experiences, then chances are you will also be happy.

So, to conclude:

There is a lot of cheap laptop sleeves out there, and they are not of great quality. BUT that does not mean that you can't find cheap AND good sleeves. :) At last: to help you a little bit, we from CoverBee offer you:

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