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Who invented the laptop sleeve? The invention of the laptop sleeve is not really attributable to one specific inventor. As it happens, before laptop sleeves existed, the owners of laptops had already covered their precious machines in cloths to protect it from dust and scratches. So, even though we make very cool laptop sleeves, CoverBee did not invent them. :) The world of CoverBee and it's laptop sleeve and macbook sleeve is a little crazy, but not stupidly crazy. It's a little cute as well, so it is kind of... "cutely crazy". Our newest sleeves are the iPad mini sleeves. ..and they are super cute! Check them out now!

Why people around the world love the CoverBee Macbook Sleeve:

You have bought an expensive MacBook and you are proud of the design and usability. In short: you love your new purchase. A beautiful and one of the funky laptop sleeves out there would now be perfect to protect your new laptop. That's why you come to CoverBee. Because here you find sleeves that are unique, trendy, stylish and just not mainstream. We all want to identify ourselves with how we dress and with how we choose products we use. When it comes to Laptop Sleeves, you will find that some of the most stylish sleeves are designed, produced and shipped by CoverBee.
On top of that, you will regularly find new unique designs from CoverBee. This means that the style conscious, fashion addicted MacBook Sleeve user will certainly always be entertained with our line of new products. Let us here what you think about our sleeves! What others say about our sleeves:

  • It just arrived, I already love it! (Cheryl, Chicago)
  • I wasn't sure whether to get the Posh Leopard or the Zebra Sleeve. But I am very happy with my decision. Thanks for everything. (Katya, Dublin)
  • The Pink Laptop Sleeve is adorable! I will also get one for my sister. It is her birthday soon, and I am sure she want it! (Annelie, Amsterdam)
15 hour ago Pink Laptop Sleeve - designed and named Pink Candy by CoverBee
36 hour ago Leopard Macbook Sleeve - designed and named Posh Leopard by CoverBee
2 days ago Orange flowers Macbook Sleeve - designed and named Retro Orange by CoverBee
5 days ago Blue Netbook Sleeve - designed and named Ocean Bomber by CoverBee
6 days ago Black Macbook Sleeve - designed and named Black Dahlia by CoverBee
8 days ago MacBook Sleeve Red Leather - designed and named Love Me by CoverBee
9 days ago Polka dot Macbook Sleeve - designed and named Black Polka by CoverBee
9 days ago Pinkish Red iPad Air Sleeve - designed and named Pinkish Red by CoverBee
10 days ago MacBook Sleeve Silver - designed and named Crystal Creation by CoverBee
12 days ago Holland Laptop Sleeve - designed and named Holland by CoverBee
13 days ago Pink Laptop Sleeve - designed and named Pink Candy by CoverBee
14 days ago Gray stars iPad mini Sleeve - designed and named Stardust by CoverBee