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Stylish Laptop protection..

The stylish laptop sleeves of CoverBee brought to you on one page. Here you will find unique laptop sleeves to suit your taste. 100% made in Holland. In all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes: it cannot be crazy enough to CoverBee. These eccentric laptop sleeves make sure you certainly stand out of the crowd! It will not make it easy to choose, since each candidate sleeve has its own crazy style. That is okay, because you do not want to walk every day with the same cover ;-) Above you will find the laptop sleeve for 11 inch laptops, 13 inch laptops, 15 inch laptops and 17 inch laptops!

CoverBee manufactures its products socially responsible and is proud on this. We want to help you with a fair and open society, in which everyone contributes. We hope to contribute to this with our unique laptop sleeves.