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Stylish Netbook protection..

With the wide range of special NetBook sleeves, we can now protect many types NetBooks in style. The (small) NetBooks also deserve the attention of CoverBee. Obviously in the unique style and taste you're used from CoverBee. Colourful and original, with which you also people in our society who are less fortunate. CoverBee manufactures all of its products social responsibility. The NetBook Sleeves are available in size 10 inch NetBook sleeve. CoverBee is fond of these little sizes, because these covers make your NetBook incredibly cute and unique. One thing is for sure, with a CoverBee NetBook sleeve you are to BEE LOVED!

We try to protect your NetBook sleeve as stylish as possible. Cute, trendy, soft or dominant, for every style we have a perfect NetBook sleeve. Take part in the worldwide community of fans of CoverBee and become a proud owner of an original CoverBee sleeve!