CoverBee Articles “The World of (Laptop) Sleeves”

Covering all issues about sleeves of all kinds

Over time, CoverBee has established itself as an innovation leader in the area of sleeves, of which originally there where only laptop sleeves. Today, CoverBee produces and sells sleeves of all kinds for absolutely everyone. Here we present a collection of articles that we have come to write on the topic. We call them “The Word of (Laptop) Sleeves”. Have fun!

As devices change, so do our sleeves. As soon as the iPad was released, we had a fitting sleeve for it. Be sure, that CoverBee will always have the latest and most up-to-date products on the market. As such, here are some more articles about iPhone and iPad sleeves:

In addition to laptops, we also have a whole range of MacBook sleeves. Some of which we have covered below. The MacBooks deserve particular attention, because they are mostly more expensive and somewhat in more need for special protection than the other devices. Here we go with some extra articles about MacBook sleeves:

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