Funky Laptop Sleeves from CoverBee

For those who like to have more fun... here are our funky laptop sleeves!

Funky laptop sleeves

Since it's foundation, CoverBee has always stood up for funky sleeves, because our world is too exciting to settle with something boring. Hence we designed great sleeves that are fun, crazy and in some way unconventional. If you have decided for yourself, that you will not be a boring black & grey sleeve user, then you will be a friend of CoverBee.

Our definitions of what it means to be a funky laptop sleeve in this world: abnormal, bizarre, curious, freakish, funny, quirky, uncommon, unconventional.

Take a look at our sleeves to determine yourself whether they are funky enough for you. The Posh Leopard is the laptop sleeve that gets the most "funky points" from our customers. It is by far the best-selling item we have on stock. It is colourful, somewhat posh andclearly elegant and kinkey. But there are some other front runners that deserve mentioning: The Polka sleeve has delighted a very special, playful type of girl that would die to own one or more sleeves that are so crazy cool.

The other funky laptop sleeves to mention are the Zebra and the Cow sleeve. We are very proud of the premium fabrics we use to manufacture the sleeves. They are handmade and never fail to impress us even as we produce these nice sleeves. For your laptop this will mean protection, style, love and lots of FUNKYNESS. As you see, we love what we do and we love to share it with you. Always remember that we are just not your conventional laptop sleeve company. Have you seen our Lederhosen Macbook Sleeve? Now, if that's not funky enough t prove the point, then we don't what else we can do. :)

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