Denim (jeans) laptop sleeve - Billy Jeans

Inner lining: Sheep fur (fake fur of course - we like animals :-) )


  • Handmade in Holland
  • Social fashion
  • Dutch design
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This laptop sleeve does the same mind as the track from the King of Pop himself. " She was more like a beauty queen, from a movie scene ...”. This Beauty Queen is absolutely gorgeous, but no one is going to break break your heart, as to be heard in the song by Michael Jackson. To all Cowgirls and Cowboys, this is our super jeans laptop sleeve! This laptop sleeve has a tough look, because its made of sturdy denim and protects your laptop from scratches and bumps. We absolutely love the details that this sleeve has: the cute little pouch can be used to store little things , but reminds you at the same famous pockets in the back of your jeans. The CoverBee logo is processed differently in this case than in other cases. Each sleeve is checked by hand before you receive it in the mail. If you really want to stand out with an exciting laptop sleeve , then this is the sleeve te get. None of your friends will have a denim laptop sleeve. This sleeve took some time to create, but today you can get him at last , our only real jeans laptop sleeve. Have fun with it!

Special features: The Billy Jeans is reinforced with the denim on the outside of the sleeve, therefore iss optimally protecting your laptop. The sturdy zipper is also different than on the other sleeves, this is somewhat broader and looks therefore more robust.

History: The origin of the name of this case is obvious. The King of Pop himself used it as a title, and we made good use of it. The materials which have been used are unusual for a laptop sleeve. Everyone is now in jeans, so why not a matching sleeve?! We accepted the challenge and hope you 're as happy with the results as we do.

Color: blue

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Social fashion from Holland..

CoverBee's Denim (jeans) laptop sleeve is original designs and is handcrafted in Holland. Each product is made from end to end by hand using traditional techniques that have been in use for over 100 years. We believe that people care about the origin of their products and we are proud that our products are produced locally, with good business conduct and premium quality.