Pink Laptop Sleeve - Pink Candy

Inner lining: Quilted White


  • Handmade in Holland
  • Social fashion
  • Dutch design
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The Sweet Candy Pink laptop sleeve wanders you back in Grandma's candy store. You are thinking back about the oh so delicious licorice, cinnamon sticks and chocolates. The pink with white checkered exterior fits perfectly with this feeling. Furthermore, this laptop sleeve is ideal for people who love pink. For the youth of today that is no longer familiar with the nostalgic candy stores this sleeve reminds them of the app Candy Crush . The popular game from the Apple store, known by genuine Apple addicts who also have it. The sleeve provides protection for your laptop. We check each case by hand before it is transmitted. The inside of the Pink Candy is made ​​of quilted white satin. The Candy Pink laptop will definitely  throw a sweet treat!

Special features: The Candy Pink laptop sleeve has two special features: The first is the combination of harmonious colors and the second is that it has won the "Best Cover of the Year " award chosen by our staff.

History: As mentioned earlier, the Pink Candy gets its name from the traditional candy stores. We are colorful people that do not like black and gray, so we present this eccentric creation. As long as the Pink Candy brings pleasure to it’s users! We hope that you enjoy this laptop sleeve!

Color: pink

Sizes available:
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Social fashion from Holland..

CoverBee's Pink Laptop Sleeve is original designs and is handcrafted in Holland. Each product is made from end to end by hand using traditional techniques that have been in use for over 100 years. We believe that people care about the origin of their products and we are proud that our products are produced locally, with good business conduct and premium quality.