MacBook bag from CoverBee

MacBook bag with macbook sleeve Just found the perfect bag, but found out your MacBook does not nicely fit in there? No problem! With a unique MacBook sleeve from CoverBee you can make every bag a macbook bag! And not requiring for every outfit another macbook bag is even better! The MacBook sleeves from CoverBee are available for every size laptop and MacBook.

Why CoverBee?

CoverBee cares about its environment and manufactures the macbook sleeves for your laptop bag in Europe (the Netherlands). The production is not only done socially responsible. As we produce so close from where we do business, we can keep very good track of the quality.
Last not least: on all products we offer FREE shipping!


We make macbook sleeves, which are at least as stylish as your bag. With a macbook sleeve from CoverBee you are sure to stand out of the crowd. From funky prints too tight snake leather, whichever fits you best.


Which specifications should your macbook sleeve have? Well, in the first place, it should protect. Your laptop, inside your bag, can get a lot of scratches from stuff in it (your keys for example). This is why we always recommend that your macbook sleeve can be closed with a zipper or something else.  The second most important thing is that your macbook sleeve should fit your outfit and (laptop) bag :-)

Did we make you curious? Check out the macbook sleeve collection from CoverBee.

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