Lederhosen NetBook Sleeve

Inner lining: Sheep fur (fake fur of course - we like animals :-) )


  • Handmade in Holland
  • Social fashion
  • Dutch design
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Where tradition meets fashion: the world’s first Lederhosen NetBook Sleeve! Yes, the Bavarian Lederhosen is normally used for protecting a man’s best body parts.. this definitely means it is also perfectly suited for protecting your NetBook! That’s why CoverBee made the connection of “old meets new” and designed the world’s first Lederhosen Laptop Sleeve! The sleeve comes in two styles: our Heidi (pink) and Peter (blue).

Color: brown

Sizes available:
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Social fashion from Holland..

CoverBee's Lederhosen NetBook Sleeve is original designs and is handcrafted in Holland. Each product is made from end to end by hand using traditional techniques that have been in use for over 100 years. We believe that people care about the origin of their products and we are proud that our products are produced locally, with good business conduct and premium quality.