Unique Laptop Sleeves from CoverBee

Consumers tend to prefer unique sleeves for their laptops!

Unique laptop sleevesWhat do you think about the trend of customizing just about anything? Do you also feel the urge to have something nobody else has? We are fully aware of the need to be stylish and trendy, but it is really such that everything has to be unique?

Currently we are looking into the possibility of getting our product to become the most unique laptop sleeves in the world. But is uniqueness a product line feature, or does the actual item have to be unique? Here is our definition of what it means to be the only one in the world:

If you are a singular item, then you are definitely unique. Many people would also say that being different, exclusive, individual, lone, one, one and only, onliest, only, particular, rare, separate, single, solitary, solo, sui generis, uncommon, unexampled.... is enough to classify as unique in the world of Laptop Sleeves.

Furthermore, we believe that there are many ways in which you can be unique. You could be unique in design (the most obvious). Or you could be unique in the way you are produced. On top of that, you could be unique in the way that you contribute to society and to the environment. So, we are thinking that it is almost totally up to the user to define what is unique for him and whether she/he is happy with it.

We will be very happy once the “unique laptop sleeves” button is implemented. This button will allow you to score the exclusivity of our sleeves and it will show us what all out many users around the world think about our products.

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