Laptop Sleeve 10 inch and 10.1 from CoverBee

Our view on Laptop sleeves of 10 inch - why this size is future proof.

Laptop Sleeve 10 inch and 10.1Some people have said that the 10 inch laptop sleeves are about to be extinct and that nobody would use this size. We don’t think so. The 10 inch size has prevailed since it emerged around 2005 and has been popular with a particular user group ever since.

Our sleeves that fit the 10 inch and also the 10.1 inch laptops appeal to exactly that user group. They are busy people and they carry their laptop in their handbag or backpack. As such, they need protection from a sleeve that closes with a zipper and that provide padding against small impacts and scratches. The sleeves should therefore fit perfectly to the 10” laptop so that it looks snug and clean.

Bare in mind that travelling around the world will increase exponentially as new markets open. All these people will need to carry a working device with them. This will be a laptop, but not one that is too big. Because we are sick of carrying large bags around with ourselves.Hence the growing desire of a small laptop sleeve 10 inch. Often the 10 inch and 10.1 inch bags are for netbooks, but the difference between netbooks and laptops has been diminished as it seems that both can perform almost everything.

If you think differently about the prevalence of sizes of laptops and laptop sleeves please let us know, because we are always happy to hear what others think and want from our new product lines.

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