10 inch Netbook Sleeve from CoverBee

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Stylish Netbook 10 inch protection..

The small 10-inch Netbook Sleeves get a special treatment from CoverBee. For our 10 inch Netbook Sleeves we have chosen beautiful and striking designs with a solid lining. Our NetBook Sleeves are warm, striking and elegant! With a sleeve of CoverBee you will definately get noticed among your friends and family, but your NetBook will also be well protected against all external influences. We hope you will soon become a proud owner of an original CoverBee sleeve!

At CoverBee we make fun and daring designs, but in addition we produce in a socially responsible way. All our products are manufactured in a sheltered workshop, so your purchase will contribute to improving the living conditions of these people. All sleeves are handmade from end to end. One thing is certain: with a sleeve of CoverBee you will make many people jalous who still have a boring netbook sleeve.