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Laptop design competition

Tuesday, January 25th 2011

CoverBee has started a unique laptop sleeves design contest. Participants have the opportunity to get their design to the market on a trendy, fashionable laptop sleeve from CoverBee.. The winner will get big reward: 5% life-time earnings on EVERY sale of the design.

Stylish and fashionably forward

We believe that we are not the only ones looking to express our style with laptop accessories. Now, we want to give others the opportunity to express their style to us! With this, we keep on being fashionably forward and able to supply the world with stylish laptop sleeves. The participants will decide what is hot and the winning design will be brought to market for all style-conscious and fashionable women in the world.

How does it work?

Participants subscribe via the website, and are asked to use their creativity. They can make drawings, take pictures, cut, paste and ultimately design the most stylish print for our new neoprene laptop sleeve collection! It is going to be their design, and they can even name it themselves. This is a creative process and proceeds in the same way CoverBee designed the "Candy Pink" and her bestseller the "Posh Leopard". The winning sleeve is put into production and the winning designer will receive 5 % commission per sleeve sold.

Outstandingly beautiful, exceptionally useful and fashionably forward: The “I love my laptop” contest. The closing date of this contest is Valentine's Day, February 14th 2011.


The Holland brand CoverBee designs & manufactures stylish and funky laptop sleeves that are both functional and fashion led. The CoverBee range recently includes next to laptop sleeves, also many other stylish and funky items like sleeves for MacBooks, netbooks, iPads and iPhones.

Our range will be extended with this contest of a unique, funky and fashionable laptop sleeve designed by YOU. So the final thing we want to say, take the opportunity! Design & Win!
Bee like no other!
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