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Stylish Laptop 11 inch protection..

These are the most stylish 11 inch laptop sleeves out there, because the small 11 inch laptops should receive as much attention as it's bigger brothers. The Sleeves are striking, colorful and provide good protection. These covers are made specifically for thin 11 inch laptops! The laptop sleeve's lining makes it than the 11" laptop will tighly fit in, so there is no chance of sliding. This is very important for a good laptop sleeve, because when you buy it too large, the risk of scratches becomes bigger when sliding inside. We pursue different designs that all guarantee to stand out from others. If you doubt that if the cover will fit, then check our size chart and laptop sleeve and MacBook sleeve page. On the size chart page you can enter the dimensions of your laptop and will immediately see if your laptop sleeve will fit.

To protect your laptop is very important, but we also want to stress that you make a responsible decision when purchasing a CoverBee sleeve. Our Sleeves are handmade by people who are less fortunate than others in our society.