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Stylish MacBook 12 inch protection..

The 12-inch MacBook sleeve of CoverBee is designed specifically for this Apple product. The 12-inch MacBook sleeves look super special and have a soft coating, so your 13 "MacBook is well protected inside and can not slide much while traveling. Both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will fit perfectly. This size is available in all our trendy designs, so you will get noticed!
There is no doubt that this size is the most popular size MacBook sleeve we offer. A 13-inch MacBook is probably the most convenient and purchased MacBook format that is available. Want to stand out among all the 13 inch Macbook users? Buy a 13 inch MacBook sleeve from CoverBee!

We would like to offer your Macbook the best possible protection by wonderful quality covers with eye-catching prints! The sleeves of CoverBee are bold and will make people curious. You will make a special impression with your sleeve at school, at work or at home with your family. They are also ideal to give as a present, when you know that someone is crazy about Apple and owns a MacBook. One thing is certain; you will BEE LOVED with such a gift! Note that all CoverBee products are also produced socially responsible in the Netherlands by people less fortuante than others.