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The latest news from CoverBee. It is easy to stay in touch with us, just follow us on twitter or facebook and you will never miss another new release of our laptop sleeve! We are also blogging a little bit on the CoverBee Wordpress page.

Recent news items:

  • CoverBee keeps on expanding international!

    February 12th 2012

    Hello fans! We are pleased to announced we are keep on expanding international. After the French and Spanish market last year, we today opened small websites for Italy and Sweden! Check out our custodia laptop ( and laptopfodral ( pages!

  • Tradition meets Fashion: The Lederhosen Laptop Sleeve!

    September 14th 2011

    The Bavarian Lederhosen is normally used for protecting a man’s best body parts... which means, that it is perfectly suited for protecting your laptop too! CoverBee made the connection of “old meets new” and has designed the world’s first Lederhosen laptop sleeve!

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  • ¡Viva España!

    August 30th 2011

    Hola! Our Spanish friends are now albe to find us via as we are launching our landing page completely in Spanish!
    "Fundas de moda para tu portátil" Sounds kinda funky!

  • We love France!

    July 5th 2011

    Bonjour! We love France! And we at CoverBee believe the French love stylish laptop sleeves, or to put it right Housse Ordinateur élégant. From today start at:

  • Design contest CoverBee - I Love my Laptop

    January 25th 2011

    CoverBee has started a unique laptop sleeves design contest. Participants have the opportunity to get their design to the market on a trendy, fashionable laptop sleeve from CoverBee.. The winner will get big reward: 5% life-time earnings on EVERY sale of the design.

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  • CoverBee now also for iPads!

    December 20th 2010

    What would the world of CoverBee look like if there would be no sleeves for the iPAD? Exactly... that's what we thought. Just-in-time for all the lucky people with brand new iPads for Christmas, CoverBee now has some of the most popular designs in the perfect size for the iPad! Stylish iPad sleeves... now that is something!

  • CoverBee launches new website

    March 15th 2010

    Ready, steady, go... here is the wonderful new website for our CoverBee laptop sleeve. Neatly organised and of course in the unbeatable CoverBee style. Check out the brand new web shop with our laptop sleeve, netbook sleeve, macbook sleeve and iPhone sleeve! Have fun, and let us know what you think: Just leave a comment on Twitter or Facebook!

  • The Bestseller 2009 is official!

    January 8th, 2010

    It's official... the bestseller for 2009... because it's simply gorgeous: The Posh Leopard was your #1 the design for 2009!

    "With its golden inner lining this one is a symbol for the extraordinary and elegant... what a Posh Leopard!"

    Inner linings - Quilted gold

    Sizes available: 15,4" laptops, 9" netbooks, 10" netbooks, 17" laptops, 13" Macbook, 15" Macbook, iPhone

  • CoverBee laptop sleeve now for MacBook!

    November 5th, 2009

    The popularity of CoverBee's laptop sleeves has lead us to increase our range. Now we will have designed BeeSleeves perfectly fitted to MacBooks. From now on you will get the crazy laptop sleeves from CoverBee also for 13" and 15" MacBooks. Let us know which other designs you would like to have as 13" MacBook sleeve and 15" MacBook sleeve.

  • New stylish designs from CoverBee

    September 2009

    Brand new designs of laptop sleeves from CoverBee: Pink Candy, Snow White and 'Made in Holland'! These are a wonderful addition to our sleeves from 2009. The Made in Holland is our national pride and will surely make for an international bestseller. Sooo cute! Let us know what you think.

  • CoverBee Sleeve for Netbooks!

    June 12th, 2009

    The new little Netbooks deserve a little CoverBee attention... now they are out, the netbook sleeves from CoverBee! Available for 8,9" netbooks and for 10,2" netbooks. We love the new little sizes, they are incredibly cuddly and protect your netbooks so perfectly when you put them into your bag. Let us know what you think: Just leave a comment on Twitter or Facebook!

  • CoverBee featured in Hongkiats "50 laptop
    sleeve you can actually buy"

    March 28th, 2009

    CoverBee listed on "50 Laptops You Can Actually Buy". What do you think, does our Posh Leopard make a decent impression amongst the other laptop sleeve? - We think he is a winner ;-) Check it out here!

  • CoverBee Laptop Sleeve at the BuzzAwards!

    December 1st, 2008

    The stylish laptop sleeve from CoverBee has been nominated for the BuzzAwards 2009.

    The Buzz Award is the nationwide prize for the most Buzzable product. You can go to the BuzzAwards page and vote for your 'most buzzable' product.